Go Behind the Scenes of The Carnivores Tour with Live Nation

Live Nation posted a behind the scenes video of the first day of The Carnivores Tour featuring what the guys eat at catering, stage set-ups, and more. View it below.

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Rocksound Posts Wantagh, New York Photos

Rocksound just posted a gallery of great photos from the Wantagh, New York show.


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“All I Got Was This Stupid Sticker” Stickers On Sale Now!

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DC 101 Posts Photo Gallery

DC 101 posted a fantastic photo gallery of the Bristow show. Check them out!


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“Why did they ever stop touring and when can I photograph them again!?”, asks Shutter 16 Magazine

Shutter 16 Magazine gave a raving review of the Charlotte, NC performance, going as far to ask when they can see AFI again. Read a clip below and check out the entire review along with great photos on their site.

One fan’s face flushed bright red as he stood within an inch of her. When I am backstage interviewing bands, these moments are what they talk about the most. She belted almost inaudible lyrics into the mic as he smiled upon her. Today I was witness to the power, calm, and joy bands speak of in small detours from the stage to hang out in the crowd.


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Loudwire Reviews Mansfield, MA Show

Loudwire reviewed the Mansfield show, praising the band’s stage presence. Read it below and check out great photos here.

AFI was tasked with kicking the night off with a short but potent set. Their nine-song offering was heavy on the hits like most recent singles ‘I Hope You Suffer’ and ’17 Crimes’ from 2013’s ‘Burials’ to a trio of songs from 2003’s ‘Sing the Sorrow’ with ‘The Leaving Song Pt. II,’ ‘Girl’s Not Grey,’ and ‘Silver and Cold’ making the cut.

While it felt strange to take in the moody musical musings of AFI while the sun was still shining, Davey Havok made the most of it, launching himself into the crowd before the third song even started, getting up close and personal with the fans while bassist Hunter Burgan and guitarist Jade Puget took turns bouncing from side to side as drummer Adam Carson remained calm, cool and collected behind the kit. And just like that, their set was over.

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Two Chances to Win Tickets to See AFI Free

You can win an all inclusive trip to an AFI show. The first show is on the Carnivores tour in Concord, California on September 19th. You can enter to win here. The other show is the Austin City Limits festival in Austin, Texas on October 12th. You can enter that one here.

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Dig Boston Reviews Mansfield Show

Dig Boston has reviewed the Mansfield, MA show. Once again the members were praised for great stage presence while writer Scott Murry commented on the lyrical content of the songs, saying, “The set loomed with such loathing that it almost makes me feel bad for whoever he’s singing about—there’s a lot of hatred for the subject matter of those tracks.”

Read the full review and scope great photos here.


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“AFI is a great rock band,” declares Bristow Beat

Bristow Beat reviewed the Virginia date of The Carnivores Tour and praised AFI saying they are “a great rock band” who “sound great and bring a tremendous amount great energy to the stage.”

Despite the review’s lack of research (Adam does play an instrument), Stacy Shaw enjoyed the performance. Read the full review below.

Much like LINKIN PARK and Thirty Seconds, AFI are serious rockers with a deep song list from which to pull. Although best known for their millennial hits, AFI (Fire Inside) has been around since 1991 and has since produced nine studio albums. But most of all, AFI is a great rock band that is a lot of fun in concert because they sound great and bring a tremendous amount great energy to the stage.

Lead vocalist Davey Havok, bassist Hunter Burgan, guitarist Jade Puget and backup vocalist Adam Carson, of the band alternatively described as melodic hardcore or goth-punk, succeeded in getting the audience pumped for the extended show. They started their set with “The Leaving Song Part II” and led into “Girl’s Not Grey” both from their 2003 album, Sing the Sorrow.

By their third song, “I Hope You Suffer,” from 2013’s Burials, Havok was walking the catwalk and even walking on the hands of audience members who held him up, while others flashed their smartphone cameras at him.

By the time AFI ended their set with popular songs “Silver and Cold” from Sing the Sorrow and “Miss Murder” (2006 Decemberunderground), it was still bright and sunny out, but the crowd was ready to rock.

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Creative Loafing Posts Tampa “Photo Review”

AFI-4840So. Many. Photos. CreativeLoafing.com reviewed the Tampa show in photos. We hope they enjoyed what they saw. Check out more shots here.

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