Man Overboard Mentions AFI In Interview

In a recent interview with Alternative Press, the band Man Overboard mentioned that they don’t associate so much with pop punk anymore. Instead, they compared their changes to that of AFI, among others such as Green Day or Brand New.

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Post War Science Announce Cool Autumn Sale

Hunter’s clothing company, Post War Science, announced a new sale earlier today offering $8 off sweatshirts and $3 off coffee mugs using the code COOLAUTUMN at checkout. The sale ends 10/28, so you better hurry!


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November 1st Mexico Show to be Broadcast Live via Coca-Cola.FM

Coca-Cola.FM will live broadcast the November 1st show in Mexico City. Check out the tweet announcing the news here. We will provide you with updates on the stream in the coming days.


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PunkNews.Org Interviews Jade About XTRMST

Jade chatted with about the formation of XTRMST, what straight edge means to him, the decision to partner with Steve Aoki’s label, future Blaqk Audio plans, and if he considers AFI as being classified a punk band.

Regarding the latter, he said, “No…I mean, anyone that listens to our music wouldn’t consider it punk, you know? But I’ll never not have some of those ideals, I’ll never not have what was so important to me in my formative years, growing up in the punk scene in a punk band. So no, I don’t think I would characterize AFI as a punk band – we’re just not anymore.”


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“Miss Murder” Included in Buzzfeed’s List of 23 Songs Every Former Emo Kid Will Never Forget

I mean, I guess they’re right… Other bands joining AFI in the list are Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach and more. Regarding the 2006 breakout song that catapulted AFI to mainstream recognition, Buzzfeed said:

The angsty lyric that spoke to you: “With just a look they shook / and heavens bowed before him.” Like, hell yeah AFI.

View the full list here.


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New XTRMST Merchandise Items Available

Two new items have been added to the XTRMST official webstore. A new shirt priced at $20 and a baseball cap priced at $30 are available now!


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Second XTRMST Single Released

The second official single from XTRMST is now available for download. Purchase “Dirty Nails” via iTunes here


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Glide Magazine Posts Austin City Limits Photo Gallery

Glide Magazine posted some great shots of the Austin City Limits festival that occurred last weekend. Check out the amazing photos of AFI’s last stateside performance of the Burials tour cycle here.

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XTRMST In Poll For Most Anticipated Album of November posted a poll for the most anticipated album of November 2014. Here, you can vote for XTRMST.

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MidWest Music Scene Posts Pictures From Cain’s Ballroom

MidWest Music Scene has posted pictures from the show at Cain’s Ballroom from October 6, 2014. Check them out here!

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