Davey Performs with Descendents in Pomona, CA

Davey made a surprise guest appearance at the Descendents show last night at The Fox Theater in Pomona, CA. You can view a few Instagram videos of him performing vocal duties here, here, and here.

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AL.com post Interview with Hunter

AL.com have interviewed Hunter ahead of the band’s performance at BayFest next weekend. They discuss the challenges of AFI fitting into the ecelctic lineup, as well as keeping the band’s set consistent for a fresh versus a more familiar audience. On the topic of the high energy stage prescence prevalent within AFI, Hunter comments;

“There’s certain band out there might create something really energetic in the studio, and when they hit the stage, they just stand there,” he said. “It sounds like it does on the recording, but it’s boring to watch. We are not one of those bands. We’re running around like crazy, jumping off of things. We try to pack all of the drama and energy of the record into the live show.”

Check out the full interview on the AL.com site now!

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Fuse Includes AFI in List of Must See Acts at Austin City Limits

Fuse created a list of 19 must-see artists at Austin City Limits and were kind enough to include AFI. You can read why they recommended them below and read the full list here.

Straight off their tour with Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars (what a lineup, huh?!) vampire goths AFI are hitting ACL Fest. If the upbeat pop and grind-ready hip hop of most of the fest’s lineup isn’t for you, get ready for this California band’s badass brand of doom and gloom. Break out the guyliner, gentlemen! Fingers crossed Andi Cane shows up…

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AXS Posts Chula Vista Photos

AXS Entertainment posted some great photos of the Chula Vista, CA show at the Sleep Train Ampitheater. Check them out here.

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AFI Included in Alternative Press’s List of Bilingual Songs (And Their Translations)

AFI is included in Alternative Press’s list of “12 Bilingual Songs and Their Translations” with the song “The Leaving Song Part II”. Other bands included in the listacle include The Clash, Muse, and Say Anything. You can read what Alt Press had to say about the song and learn what Davey actually says in Spanish.

A short survey of my peers concluded that most people, though familiar with this song, aren’t aware that those lines Davey Havok mutters before the chorus are en español, but it makes total sense when you think about it. The chorus starts with “to” with no lead-up if you ignore the mumbles.

Example: “Yo he estado aquí/muchas veces antes/y regreso/To break down/And cease all feeling…”

Translation: “I’ve been here many times before/and I return/To break down…”



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Loudwire Reviews Los Angeles Show

Loudwire gave a short review of the Los Angeles show. You can read the review of AFI’s performance and the full review in the link above.

AFI opened the night as the venue was beginning to fill following rush hour traffic. ‘The Leaving Song, Pt. II’ opened the show on a high note, with ‘Girl’s Not Grey’ and the powerful ‘I Hope You Suffer’ following. Beginning with ‘Medicate,’ the audience began to pick up on the energetic performance AFI was delivering, with frontman Davey Havok offering a triumphant fist pump to the sky at the end of the track. The band’s set later closed on a high note with Havok climbing through the seats into the front rows of the crowd during ‘Miss Murder,’ rallying the audience and sealing a stellar set by dropping the mic and walking off.

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The Rooster Posts Photos of Colorado Show

TheRooster.com released some excellent photos of the Colorado date of The Carnivores Tour. You can check them out here.


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Burials Tour Cycle Will End After Currently Scheduled Shows, Says Jade

Jade was recently interviewed on a radio program called The Louvau Show. In the lengthy interview, he discusses The Carnivores Tour, playing large arenas versus large amphitheaters, the band’s evolution of sound, and more. Most notably, he confirmed that upon completing the currently scheduled tour dates, the Burials tour cycle will end. This means that Jade and Davey will focus on XTRMST and Blaqk Audio before reconvening with Adam and Hunter for AFI’s tenth album. Listen to the interview below. Note that the interview begins at the 23 minute mark.

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BurningHearts.com Posts Irvine Photos

IMG_1569.PNGBurningHearts.com posted some great shots of the Irvine, CA show. Check them out here.

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“AFI gets better and better with time,” says OC Register

OC Register gave a rave review of the Irvine show, saying that “Havok and Co. continue to push the envelope and create relevant material while still letting their punk rock roots show.”

Read the full review below.

Opener AFI just gets better and better with time. Unlike a lot of peers that also formed in the early ’90s, AFI has grown, matured and its fan base has followed. It doesn’t ride on hits from two decades ago and reek of nostalgia. Havok and Co. continue to push the envelope and create relevant material while still letting their punk rock roots show.

Their performance is on point as well, with Havok now looking more confident and comfortable than ever on stage. Though its set was short in Irvine, it made an impact on the sparse crowd that managed to beat traffic, park and get in their seats on time. The band peppered in new songs off last year’s “Burials” with “17 Crimes” and “I Hope You Suffer,” which, unfortunately was plagued by technical difficulties. It sounded like there was a hot mic somewhere up on stage and as the crew scrambled to check out equipment, the band continued to perform like seasoned pros. Yet, the soft, but annoying, hum continued into “Medicate” but finally died out during “Love Like Winter.”

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