CONTEST: Win Heckle Split from Us + An Amazing Reader

One of our loyal readers, Patrick Keenan, has offered to give away a mint copy of AFI’s Heckle split to one lucky reader. Want to win? Here’s how:

1. Log onto Instagram
2. Repost this photo
3. Tag @afinewshq and @horrorkidpk.
4. Explain in the post why you want to win.
5. Use the hashtag #afihecklegiveaway

Contest open internationally. You must be 13 years old or older to enter the contest. Contest ends December 6th at 12 AM PST. You consent to giving us address if you win when entering the contest. If you are not comfortable providing your address, please do not enter the contest.

Good luck!

We’d like to thank Patrick for being an amazing reader and for voluntarily giving us this rare item to give to one of you. We truly have the best readers.


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Davey Speaks with Loudwire

A new interview with Davey has been posted on Loudwire. He speaks about the inspiration to create a straight edge band, the “Conformist” music video, and future Blaqk Audio and AFI plans. Regarding Blaqk Audio, he said:

“AFI just finished touring ‘Burials,’ so that cycle is done. Blaqk Audio has been working on a third record and we’ve written many songs. We plan on writing more. We’re in the process of doing that now. Hoping to get into the studio as soon as possible to record and release that. Again, I’m just being hopeful where but I’d like to see it out by late Spring. I don’t know if that’s realistic or not, but we’re going to try.

We’d very much like to do a proper tour on that record. We didn’t get to on ‘Bright Black Heaven’ and that still pains me today. We only did maybe two weeks of shows. I’d really like to get out and play both songs that will be the third record and a lot of ‘Bright Black Heaven’ songs. Then of course XTRMST is coming out as well.”

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XTRMST Black Vinyl Sold Out, Autographed White Vinyl Now Sold Separately

The black vinyl version of XTRMST is officially sold out, but you can now purchase an autographed copy of the white vinyl in the band’s merch store for $35.


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Vote for XTRMST In’s Album Of The Year Poll

Killyourstereo have posted a poll for the top 5 records released in 2014. The XTRMST record is included in the list, so head over to the site now to show your support!

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AbsolutePunk Giving Away Copy of XTRMST Signed Vinyl

Want a signed vinyl copy of the new XTRMST record? wants to help. Head here and answer the question “What’s your favorite hardcore punk/heavy song?” Davey and Jade will read through and pick a winner.

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XTRMST Announce First Show

XTRMST will play its first show at The Roxy in Los Angeles, California on January 29th. Tickets can be purchased tomorrow. Tickets are $15.


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If you missed the XTRMST Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) that occurred this afternoon, here’s a quick recap:

– No solid plans have been made in terms of shows, but they are working to book some. California and New York shows are expected.
– There are a few b-sides that may see the light of day. A song titled “Little King” will be released “on the 1st.” Perhaps December 1st?
– The 3rd Blaqk Audio record is the next project Davey and Jade will work on. They’re currently “deep in the writing process”.
-Davey said that this record provided more catharsis than anything he’s done previously.
– There are no plans to create another XTRMST record, but it’s not completely off the table.
– Davey has never been more physically and emotionally exhausted after vocal takes than he was when tracking XTRMST.
– There were talks to make another music video, but it hasn’t been discussed at length.


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Miss Davey’s Loveline Appearance? We’ve Got You Covered!

If you missed Davey’s appearance on Loveline last night, you can watch the full video stream on Ustream. A reminder that Loveline is intended for adult audiences and is NSFW.

Click here for the audio version.

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AbsolutePunk Post Review of XTRMST Album

Ryan Gardner from AbsolutePunk posted a review of the new XTRMST album, saying “Hearing Havok scream again should be a treat for many old AFI fans. Not to mention the return to Puget’s hardcore roots musically, making XTRMST feel like a proper hardcore band.” Check out the full review.

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Davey to Appear on Loveline Tonight

According to this tweet Davey sent out, he will be a guest on Loveline tonight. It starts at 10PM PST, and you can listen to it online at KROQ. Remember that Loveline contains adult content and is NSFW.


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