First Pressing of ATASF Now Available via Geoff Kresge

Geoff Kresge has put up information on how to purchase the first pressings oF ATASF from 1995 on Instagram. He is selling them for $95 to the lower 48 United States. More info here. Purchase quickly – these will sell out. 


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First Pressings of Answer That and Stay Fashionable to Go on Sale

Geoff Kresge will be selling first pressings of the Wingnut version of Answer That and Stay Fashionable on July 1st to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album’s release on the label. It’s unknown whether they are the red tour version or regular black pressings. Stay tuned for more updates on his Instagram account.

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New Blaqk Audio Could Be Coming Soon

Davey has hinted that new Blaqk Audio may be on the way, saying he was just listening to a new song. It remains to be seen if the song was a demo or a mastered version. We will update this story accordingly.


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Punk News Review Kuts

Another review of the new Matt Skiba and the Sekrets album Kuts has been posted on In regards to Hunter’s presence on the record, the review had this to say:

“Hunter Burgan and Jarrod Alexander return for their second stint as the Sekrets, and all the complaints from the first album are still prevalent: they’re underutilized and never get a real chance to shine. It’s too bad when you consider their talent and what a full band project might sound like.”

You can read the full article here


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Hot Topic Restocks Vinyl, Shirts

Hot Topic has restocked AFI vinyl, namely Art of Drowning and ATASF, and various shirts that were previously sold out. View all the items here.


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Dying Scene Reviews Kuts

Dying Scene recently reviewed Kuts, the new Matt Skiba and the Sekrets record, giving it a fair rating. See what the outlet said below.

It doesn’t offer much by way of genre experimentation, but what KUTS lacks in variety it makes up for in fun, sad songs. From the opening notes of “Lonely and Kold” to the infectious choruses of “Krazy” and “Krashing” (the band likes to replace their C’s with K’s a lot), to the closing notes of “Vienna,” the album is full of top notch pop songs to listen to while drinking, much like one would hope for from the same man that wrote songs such as “Stupid Kid,” “97,” and “Blue in the Face.” 


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More Copies of Fly In The Ointment Reissue Released

A few more copies of the Fly In The Ointment vinyl Reissue have been made available through Wedge Records.  The current run of pressings come with the “Fuck you very much” sticker and East Bay Hardcore button shown below.

You can buy the very limited record here, but be quick as they are selling out fast!



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Download ‘She Wolf’ for Free on iTunes

You can get ‘She Wolf’ from the album KUTS by Matt Skiba and the Sekrets, which Hunter performs on, for free on iTunes!

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Matt Skiba and the Sekrets Post New Lyric Video for ‘She Wolf’

The newest project Hunter is featured on, Matt Skiba and the Sekrets, have posted a new lyric video for the song ‘She Wolf’. Check it out, what do you think of it?

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OneMetal Reviews Kuts has reviewed Kuts, the new Matt Skiba and the Sekrets album.

Comparing the new record to the band’s debut Babylon, the site commented:

“As an album, KUTS is a much more thoughtful, experimental and emotive record than its predecessor. Employing a greater diversity of synth sounds and guitar effects, it uses these to portray and explore the emotions behind Matt’s heartfelt lyrics.”

Check out the full review here. Kuts, which features Hunter on bass, is available in Europe today, and is out in the US tomorrow.

Matt Skiba and the Sekrets


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