Davey’s Next Novel is Finished

When asked about the status of his second novel on Twitter, Davey said that “the next novel is finished. I just need one more proof read before I’ll pass the manuscript to the cover artist.” Hopefully we get to read it soon! 


Gwen Stefani Has No Issues with No Doubt Side Project

In a new interview, No Doubt frontwoman, Gwen Stefani, was asked if she had any issues with her bandmates  working with Davey on their new project. She says, “Of course I don’t care. Those are my homeys from when I was a little girl! I want them to be happy and do whatever they need to do to fulfill whatever creative place they need to fill.” Good to hear there’s no bad blood. 


Damned Industrial Reviews Material

Damned Industrial have posted a review of Material, noting the musical progression from previous releases, Davey’s vocal performance, and drawing comparisons with other electronic artists. Read what they had to say here.


Tegan and Sara Discuss Working with Hunter 

Unbeknownst to many, Hunter worked on Tegan and Sara’s album The Con. In a new interview, the duo spoke with Sterogum about some of their most prominent hits, mentioning the process of working with Hunter on the song “Are You Ten Years Ago”. See what they had to say below.

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