Creeper Discuss Their Influences, Mention AFI

During an interview with British band Creeper, members Will Gould and Ian Miles discuss influences on their songwriting. Amongst other bands, they mention AFI as an influence, specifically The Art Of Drowning. Watch the video below.

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Game Informer Podcast Episode 16: AFI News HQ

Wow, that’s weird to write! We were featured on the Game Informer podcast this week where we discussed the Despair Faction, the creation of the site, and our thoughts on the band’s sound. Listen here.


Big Joy Movie Gets Premiere Date

Two years ago it was revealed that Davey would be featured in Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton, a documentary on the life of the queer poet. Davey is said to narrate the voice of James. Today, Davey announced the televised airdate of the film. Find out where you can watch it below as well as the trailer.

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AFI Featured in The Matches’ New Video

The Matches’ new lyric video for “Life of a Match” features tons of old emo-esque music videos compiled into a true rush of nostalgia. Girls Not Grey and The Leaving Song Pt. II are featured. View the video here and get ready to travel back to the early 2000’s.