“AFI Shaped Our Band’s Sound and Image” – Chris Motionless Discusses How AFI Influenced Motionless in White 

Chris Motionless continued to discuss his love for AFI in a new interview with the Lead Singer Syndrome podcast. He reveals that Motionless In White began playing AFI covers in the beginning stages of the band, which helped them shape their sound now, as well as saying that seeing Davey in makeup helped solidify his love of theatrics and the band’s stage pretense.


Davey Featured in Colombian “Emo Artists Then and Now” List

We recognize that the featured article is in Spanish. As the source website is incredibly popular in Colombia, we’ve elected to share it.

Colombian website has shared a “10 Emo Artists Then and Now List”, and our favourite frontman is featured! Also featured are artists such as Jared Leto and Pete Wentz.

Practice your Spanish, and check out the article here!


iHeartRadio Calls AFI a “One-Hit Wonder”, Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

If you visit iHeartRadio’s Snapchat discover story today, you’ll see a feature on bands from 2006 that are one-hit wonders. Among them, AFI is listed with “Miss Murder”. Dear iHeartRadio, you’re wrong. Not only did “Medicate” and “Girls Not Grey” get extensive airplay on the radio, “Love Like Winter” was a staple on MTV’s TRL in 2006. Google is your friend.


Davey Hopes to Tour in Support of New Novel

Responding to a tweet requesting him to travel to their city to read Pop Kids, Davey tweeted in response “hopefully life will allow a tour on the new book!”

Would you be interested in attending a live reading of one of Davey’s novels? Let us know, and check out the tweet here.


Caffiends Cover “I Wanna Get A Mohawk” on New Album

Caffeinds, a punk band from Florida, recently released a covers album featuring covers of The Ramones, Descendants, and others. Notably, they covered AFI’s “I Wanna Get A Mohawk” (and did it justice). You can listen to the full album here.

Thanks to Travis for the tip!


Blaqk Audio Playing Show with Moby to Celebrate Animal Rights 

Blaqk Audio will join Moby and others for Circle V, an event celebrating animal rights and benefiting international animal protection nonprofit Mercy For Animals. It will be on October 23rd at The Fonda Theater. Get tickets here using code CIRCLE V on Thursday at 10 a.m.


Old Wounds Cite AFI as Inspiration

Hardcore band Old Wounds have cited AFI as a key influence on their songwriting, in particular on their most recent album ‘The Suffering Spirit’. Check out their full interview here, where New Noise Magazine also describes the band as “AFI meets Hatebreed, romantic and heavy as fuck”.


OPINION: Why Crash Love is One of The Best AFI Records of All Time

This is a piece based on the opinion of the AFI News HQ staff. These do not reflect the views of AFI, nor anyone affiliated with AFI.


There’s no denying that when AFI announced that a new record was on the way after Decemberunderground, excitement spread among the Despair Faction like wildfire. With the promotional teasers, such as the Veronica Sawyer Twitter account and the Begin Transmission contest, we couldn’t wait to see what the guys had created. Then on September 29th, 2009, Crash Love was presented to us. It was immediately clear that this record was unlike any that AFI had ever released before. As songs like “Beautiful Thieves” and “End Transmission” showed off Jade’s clean guitar skills as well as the vocal harmonies prominent throughout the record, and lead single “Medicate” displayed the band’s ability to create a piece of good ol’ rock and roll, we quickly realized that the entire record had deviated from the dark, brooding songs we’d heard on Decemberunderground and Sing the Sorrow.

The juxtaposition between the bright, upbeat, lighthearted instrumentals and the ominous, foreboding, poetic themes created in Davey’s lyrics (“Go grab your bag/I’ll bring the gun”) made the entire record a shapeshifting masterpiece. Not only did the band present a different sound, but their entire aesthetic had changed. The cold, wintery black-and-white theme of Decemberunderground had evolved into the warm, comforting black-and-gold. Hair styles and outfits changed, lip rings were lost (the story of which you can check out here), and when the first images of the band surfaced, they were almost unrecognizable. This change divided the fanbase, with many people viewing the shift as the band maturing, and others seeing it as the band selling out.

We view this record, and all it stands for, as a huge step forward in the band’s sound. Crash Love stands apart from all other AFI material, as it breaks away from the theme that the band had created sonically with their previous records. While Decemberunderground was peppered with hints of Sing the Sorrow and even The Art of Drowning, Crash Love had set itself apart from any previous work. Davey’s voice had matured significantly, and the talents of Adam, Hunter, and Jade were repeatedly displayed in each song on the record. To say we were amazed would be an understatement.

Crash Love had provided us with a breath of fresh air. It was something completely new, and totally unexpected. Not only was it a departure from their previous work, but they had managed to make every song on the record incredible. Our boys had, once again, outdone themselves. From reaching out to fans to literally be a part of the record, to the visual change, to the elegance of each song on the record, it is a masterpiece from start to finish. With the release of Burials, the band revisited the darker themes previously explored, but Crash Love continues to remain relevant and stand apart at the same time, making it one of the band’s best and most notable releases to date.


XTRMST Featured in Steve Aoki Documentary

Steve Aoki’s biographical documentary “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” is now available for streaming on Netflix. Among other things, the documentary details the inception of Dim Mak Records, the label which released Davey and Jade’s XTRMST record in 2014. Continue Reading