Tonight. Midnight Eastern. AFI's Facebook. We hear this one might be a little different.

AFI Tease Second Facebook Live Video

AFI have just put out a post on their social media channels telling fans to visit their Facebook page tonight at midnight eastern time.

We can assume it’ll be another live video, and we hear that this one will be a little different…

Check it out here tonight at midnight.


RECAP: AFI Stream Mysterious Live Video

In case you missed it, AFI just streamed a Facebook live video. Lasting about a minute, it showed a looped series of short videos, which appeared to be Davey recorded in a studio. The video contains audio that when reversed, is the same as the “O-” sound clip uploaded to the band’s “Blood” Spotify playlist 

The video has now been uploaded to the official AFI social channels. Check it out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks to Todd for the tip!


Hunter Offers Free Shipping, Discounted Price on Book

As some of you may remember, Hunter released a book in 2013 called “Success!?”.

This weekend, using the code FREEDOM, Hunter is offering free shipping inside the US, and you can purchase an autographed copy of the book for $25USD instead of the usual $30USD price.

Head over to Hunter’s website and get your copy!


UPDATE: Despair Faction Site Down – Again

UPDATE (10/20): The entire DF has been taken offline, redirecting to the official band website.

10/16: The DF can now be accessed through

According to many of you who tried accessing the DF site yesterday and today, it automatically redirects to the official AFI site. We are not sure why this is, but we will keep you updated. 


New Promo Image Appears on Spotify

The first promo image for the new, still untitled era has been revealed via Spotify! Hopefully we see more soon! 

Thanks to Tylor for the tip.

New Spotify playlist and a new creepy song...

What Happens When We Reverse O- ?

The AFI fandom is teaming with excitement after the reveal of the mysterious Spotify track ‘O-‘. Unsurprisingly, this has lead to many attempts by fans to decode the hidden message in the track by reversing the playback. Continue Reading