General Trivia

  • There is a Love Like Winter Rock Mix, released on one of the Decemberunderground singles. This edit removes the high-pitched synth at the end of each chorus (right after “from years before”)
  • There is a director’s cut of The Leaving Song, Pt. 2 video, released on The Leaving Song, Pt. II VHS Promo in 2003 by Dreamworks Records.
  • At the end of the The Days of the Phoenix video shoot, the band played a live set for the moshing kids filmed in the video (The show/video was at 14 Below)
  • Adam wrote the lyrics to “Key Lime Pie,” as well as a few lines of “Rizzo in the Box”. He also credited for the title “Brownie Bottom Sundae”
  • “Key Lime Pie” was released in two capacities: on the Wingnut Records vinyl release of Answer That and Stay Fashionable (1995) and also as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes (1997). Both versions are the same.
  • Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes was pressed with at least 17 different colors of vinyl. Only 4 of them are collectible (Yellow, tan, green and white). All Nitro vinyl were re-pressed in random colors.
  • An acoustic live version of “Silver and Cold” was officially released on 99x Joyride, a compilation featuring Queens Of The Stone Age and The Cure, and was later re-released on the Miss Murder UK CD2 Single. AFI played The Leaving Song and Dancing Through Sunday accoustically aswell.
  • AFI has done live covers of “My Name Is Jonas” by Weezer, “Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction, “True Romance” by Tiger Army, and many more.
  • Mike Fasano has done drum tech on four albums, dating back to 1998’s Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes.
  • Weathered Tome, Three Seconds Notice, The Checkered Demon, Kung-Fu Devil, Cult Status, Charles Atlas, Shatty Fatmas, and pH Low have never been played live to the best of our knowledge. For a complete list, click here.
  • The Art of Drowning promo cassettes were given out to people who found an AFI postcard and sent it in. As a result it is very rare. The cassette also contains a promo of a Vandals song.
  • Wester and Totalimmortal promo singles exist, and are quite rare.
  • A German edition of Sing the Sorrow exists with a red Sing the Sorrow logo on the front and a silver ship icon on the back cover. All other editions have uniform-colored backs and fronts.
  • In a Sydney, Australia show in 2003, Davey said, “now it’s time to play a pop song.” Half the band started to play Girl’s Not Grey and the other half started Don’t Make Me Ill.
  • Davey sang guest vocals on The Transplants’ song “Quick Death.”
  • Jade played on wine glasses to make the sound in the beginning of Okay, I Feel Better Now and he played guitar with a pencil on End Transmission.

The Early Days

  • Audio for AFI’s set at the record release show for “This Is Berkeley Not West Bay” exists from a soundboard recording made at this show. The soundboard recording remains unreleased. Video footage of AFI’s set from this show also exists and circulates among collectors.
  • Audio for “Eddie Picnic’s All Wet” was taken from the soundboard recording made at this show. The soundboard recording features the entire performance, but remains unreleased. Video footage of this show also exists.
  • All previous accounts of “Dork” list 6 copies. This is incorrect and the whereabouts of all copies is known at this time with the exception of the single copy that was given to Loose Change at the time that they were received from the pressing plant.
  • Fly In The Ointment features guest vocals by Matt Wedgley on the song “Open Your Eyes”, a song originally recorded by Matt’s band The Circus Tents. Fly In The Ointment was released on Matt’s label Wedge Records.
  • The sleeve for Bombing The Bay was designed by Vinny Wintermeyer, who had also executed the layout for the revised Wingnut version of Answer That And Stay Fashionable, the design and layout for Very Proud Of Ya, and also the Punk Fiction compilation.
  • It has been found that there are possibly two pressings of This Is Berkley, Not West Bay, although the two would be impossible to distiguish from one another. To the recollection of the owner of Zafio Records, there is the possibility that there was one pressing was done of 1000 copies, possibly 2000 copies – or one pressing of 1000 copies and a second pressing of 1000 copies.
  • AFI played their first live show in Lakeport, CA.
  • AFI’s first bassist was Victor Chalker. His real name is Victor Kenyon.
  • Victor’s only song he wrote was NyQuil hence why Adam says “Thanks Vic” after they play it on Eddie Picnic’s.
  • AFI recorded but never released a song called “Stupidest” and alternate version of Self-Pity during the recording of “Behind the Times”
  • There was an alternate version of Cereal Wars recorded for the “Dork ep”
  • The sleeve for “Eddie Picnic’s all wet” was suppose to be an 8 page booklet but it was too time consuming to make it because they would of had to do it buy hand.
  • There was a session for “This is Berkley not West Bay” in which 3 songs that appear on “Answer That” remain unreleased with different lyrics.
  • There are several guitar solos that were not recorded for “Very Proud Of Ya” so the songs in essence are not complete. “No Dave Party” was suppose to have singing in it from the rest of the band except davey hence the title. Also there are several songs that were suppose to be recorded also during this session but because AFI didn’t have time in the studio they were never able to finish them. So those songs got released on various compilations instead. So “Very Proud of Ya” didn’t turn out how AFI envisioned.
  • Finally there are numerous live, studio, demo outtakes and recordings from a lot of these records and some of the recordings are even older than “Dork” from around 1992.

Very Proud of Ya Trivia

  • Very Proud Of Ya is the AFI album with the most songs, with a total of 20 songs on the regular release. (vinyl-only and No Dave Party are apart)
  • The cover for the album was designed by AFI’s then-bassist, Geoff Kresge. Pablo asked Geoff about the cover and he said it matched the album theme song (Consult My Lover).
    This is the first album where Jade Puget does backing vocals. He’s credited as Jade “The Playah” Puget.
  • According to the Nitro Box Set, Adam came up with the name. They really regret naming the album Very Proud of Ya.
  • This album is AFI’s album with the most re-recordings. Advances in Modern Technology, Theory of Revolution, Aspirin Free, Crop Tub, Two Of A Kind, Yürf Rendenmein, Cruise Control, Who Said You Could Touch Me, Rolling Balls and Love is A Many Splendored Thing were already featured in previous AFI’s releases. This happened because they had little studio time and couldn’t finish new songs.
  • Cruise Control and Love is a Many Splendored Thing were featured in a movie called Mary Jane Is Not A Virgin Anymore. Davey had small dialogs on it and they can be seen here.
    This is AFI’s first CD release on Nitro Records.
  • “No Dave Party” the pre-gap hidden track on Very Proud of Ya, was intended to feature vocal recordings from Adam, Mark, and Geoff. Due to time constraints, only instrumental tracks were recorded. Paul Marchand recorded “extra guitar” for the track.
  • He Who Laughs Last was AFI’s first single.
  • File 13 means trash. In an office, when the boss asks the employee to put the document under file 13, it means he must put it in the trash. Hence the line “Feel like garbage can”
    AFI would dedicate Advances In Modern Technology to Smith, Mike and Fritch during the Black Sails and The Art Of Drowning live shows.
  • 1995′s Fly in The Ointment featured early versions of Crop Tub, Theory of Revolution and Cruise Control.
  • Crop Tub and Darling, I Want To Destroy You are the only AFI songs where Davey uses a vocoder. A vocoder is used to distort vocals.
  • This album takes its name from a chorus line on the album theme song, Consult My Lover, “I’m so proud of you, so proud of you, I’m proud, I’m very proud of you”
  • Two of a Kind and Yürf Rendenmein are different from the Answer That versions.
  • Yürf Rendenmein is a word-play, as it means “Your friend and mine”
  • Cruise Control was oftenly described as AFI’s love song, during live shows.
  • This album was the third release that Love Is A Many Splendored Thing appeared on, and the first time it was properly recorded in a studio. The first release was on 1993′s Eddie Picnic’s All Wet 7″ (live), and the second one was on This Is Berkeley, Not West Bay.
  • Who Said You Could Touch Me and Rolling Balls were previously released on 1993′s Behind The Times 7″
  • Several guitar solos on the record were left unrecorded to allow for vocal recording.

Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes Trivia

  • SYMAOYE was released on November 11th, 1997. (Tomorrow’s the 12th year anniversary)
  • It was the last full length to feature Mark Stopholese and the first one to not feature bassist Geoff Kresge
  • AFI did not have an official bassist to record this album, so they hired The Force’s Hunter Burgan.
  • Hunter was reportedly paid $666 for playing in this album.
  • There are some promotional pictures for SYMAOYE featuring an unknown band member. This is Frank Vicario, a member of Snapcase, who never played a show with them and it’s unknown if he recorded anything for the album. Snapcase was going to break up and Frank would join AFI. Snapcase remained together.
  • The album art comes from an old kids magic box.
  • There are many references to the number 3 in this album. There are 4 songs with a reference to number 3 (Three Reasons, Third Season, Three Seconds Notice and Triple Zero), and there are 3 songs between each of them.
  • The Patron Saints and Angels is the working title for The New Patron Saints and Angels. It was changed because the chorus bass was changed without Hunter knowing. Hence “The New…”. It’s unknown who played the new bass lines on the chorus (Mark most likely).
  • This was the first album to feature an intro as first track.
  • The vinyl version of this record features a cover of The Misfits’ “Last Caress”. This was the closer of their live shows for most of the SYMAOYE era.
  • As far as we know, the only songs they haven’t played live are: pH Low, The New Patron Saints And Angels and Three Seconds Notice.

Sing the Sorrow Trivia

  • The album reached #5 on the Billboard Chart and went Platinum in December 2004.
  • It was ranked number 77 on the October 2006 issue of Guitar World magazine’s “List of the 100 Greatest Guitar Albums of All Time.” Sing The Sorrow was certified “Gold” by the RIAA(Recording Industry Association of America) on April, 30 2003.
  • Sing The Sorrow was the first album to have 3 different album covers Silver, Red and Black (The Black cover had a ocean horizon with no ship reference to Black Sails in The Sunset). The black cover is limited to 2,500 copies and it was originally sold on AFI’s US tour.
  • AFI released a “Making The Record” video series for Sing the Sorrow which can be viewed on YouTube. Two of them were DF-exclusive: Backing vocals and Making of Clandestine.
  • Some album artwork contains a picture of a foraminifera, others a dead bird, and most an inverted octopus. All pictures are taken from the book Animals by Jim Harter.
  • There are demos for 6 of the songs in this album: “This Celluloid Dream”, “The Great Disappointment”, “Paper Airplanes”, “…But Home Is Nowhere”, “Synesthesia” and “The Leaving Song”.
  • “Carcinogen Crush” was written during the Sing The Sorrow session but re-recorded in the Decemberunderground sessions. They did not use the original writings. 
  • The United States version of “…But Home is Nowhere” is 15:07 minutes long but 3:52 minutes for the UK version.
  • The last page of the Album booklet shows a rabbit picture with the phrase “Rabbits Are Roadkill” eluding to the song “Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37″, which was released on October 2005.
  • Sing The Sorrow is the first album to include sung lyrics in a foreign language (Spanish)
  • The Leaving Song Pt. II features Spanish lyrics before the chorus. The first one is: “Yo he estado aquí, muchas veces antes, y comienzo”, which means “I’ve been here, many times before, and I start”. Before the second chorus, it says “Y regreso, aquí otra vez, y comienzo”, which means “I come back, here again, and start”.
  • In one of the making of STS videos, The Leaving Song Pt. II with English verses instead of Spanish verses can be heard in the background.
  • “The Spoken Word” is NOT the official title for the poem. It’s a fan name.
  • In case you hadn’t noticed, Girl’s Not Grey has a reference to AFI’s previous album, “The Art of Drowning”. The line says “Swim in the calm tonight, this art does drown”
  • STS leaked in late 2002 with unmastered versions of some songs.
  • STS has an advance record with “unmastered” versions of Bleed Black and This Celluloid Dream. The only difference on Bleed Black is that there’s no “breath intro”.
  • The versions of Carcinogen Crush and 100 Words are NOT the original recordings. They were re-recorded for future releases. Rabbits are Roadkill is, however, the original recording.
  • During the vocal tracking video, Davey is singing the chorus of Rabbits are Roadkill. Obviously, no one knew what he was singing, until RRR37 was released two years later.
  • It’s the first album since Very Proud of Ya to feature former bassist Geoff Kresge, who did backing vocals on Paper Airplanes along with band mate Nick 13.
  • But Home is Nowhere was played live twice during the STS era. This Celluloid Dream was played less than 20 times. The Leaving Song was played once during a TV show (Musique Plus) and was played at a headlining show for the first time in 2007.
  • AFI did an acoustic show in Atlanta for 99x which featured Silver and Cold (released on the comp), The Leaving Song and Dancing Through Sunday.
  • Davey and Jade started a competition during 2001 to see who could grow the hair longer. You know who won.
  • Davey allegedly had surgery on his throat in 2004. It most be noted that in 2004 no news reports or official word said he got surgery. They always talked about voice rest. However, Davey now says he did get surgery. Make your own conclusions.
  • The last time Miseria Cantare was played live was in Mexico City on April 20th 2007.
  • Some live covers from the STS era include Weezer’s “My Name is Jonas” (Australia 2003), Poison’s “Nothin’ But a Good Time” (Germany 2003), and Jane’s Addiction’s “Mountain Song” (forget where, 2003)

Decemberunderground Trivia

  • During the recording of the album, Davey was punched in the mouth by sound engineer Joe McGrath after failing to correctly sing a vocal part during 110 takes.
  • There are 37 claps in the bridge of Love Like Winter.
  • The song “Affliction” ends at approximately 3:37.
  • The voices on the hidden track “…And Then I’ll Be Home” are from an album of vocal samples found here.
  • The dial tones during the bridge of “Summer Shudder” spell out the word thispis, which is the Greek word for affliction.
  • The first known lyrics from Decemberunderground were from the end of “The Interview.”
  • The first known song title from Decemberunderground was “Kill Caustic” in 2004.
  • Decemberunderground was released on 6/6/06.
  • Rewinding the CD into minus time (before 0:00) will play a 20-second hidden intro to the album. This intro is just more ringing and can be heard at the beginning of the I Heard A Voice DVD (Credit: beneaththeinkk).

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