Rare Songs and Covers

Rare Tracks


  • 100 Words (Crash Love B-side, originally recorded during STS era)
  • A Winter’s Tale (Days of the Phoenix EP, AFI Retrospective, otherwise unreleased except for the 2001 Warped Tour Compilation)
  • Born In The US of A (Behind The Times EP)
  • Breathing Towers To Heaven (Crash Love B-side)
  • Carcinogen Crush (Available on Japanese edition of Crash Love, as well as the single in iTunes)
  • The Chicken Song (No Time To Kill Comp.)
  • Don’t Change (INXS Cover, Decemberunderground B-Side)
  • Dream of Waking (Art of Drowning B-Side, released on That Darn Punk and Punkzilla compilations, available in iTunes)
  • Ether (originally heard on Nascar ’09 soundtrack, now available on Japanese edition of
  • Crash Love and the Medicate 7”)
  • Fainting Spells (Crash Love B-Side, originally released on VeronicaSawyer.com)
  • Fallen Like The Sky (Decemberunderground B-side, found on DU 6×7″ Boxset)
  • Head Like A Hole (Decemberunderground B-Side, originally released on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Soundtrack)
  • Hearts Frozen Solid, Thawed Once More By The Spring of Rage, Despair, and Hopelessness (released on the Short Music For Short People Comp)
  • Jack The Ripper (Morrissey cover, Decemberunderground B-Side, found on some LLW singles and the iTunes Decemberunderground pre-order)
  • Last Caress (Misfits Cover, SYMAOYE B-Side, found on Japanese edition of SYMAOYE)
  • Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Very Proud of Ya B-Side, found on VPOY vinyl and CD test pressing)
  • Lower It (BSITS B-Side, found on BSITS vinyl or the Nitro retrospective)
  • Man In A Suitcase (The Police cover, ATASF B-Side, found on 1995 Wingnut records version of ATASF)
  • Mini Trucks Suck (Dork EP outtake, downloadable from AFI’s website for a short period of time)
  • My Michelle (Guns ‘n Roses cover, found on Punk Goes Metal comp, recorded during BSITS/AOD era)
  • Now The World (STS B-Side, found on 336 EP, re-recorded for STS)
  • On The Arrow (DU B-side, found on iTunes edition of DU and a LLW Australian single)
  • Rabbits Are Roadkill on Rt. 37 (DU B-Side, found on Japanese edition of DU)
  • Red Hat (Dork EP)
  • Reivers’ Music (STS B-side, found on 336 EP, released in Dolby 5.1 on Clandestine DVD bonus features)
  • Rolling Balls (VPOY B-side, released on VPOY vinyl and CD test pressing)
  • Self-Pity (ATASF B-side, released on 1995 Wignut version of ATASF)
  • Synesthesia (STS B-side, released on UK edition of STS)
  • Too Late For Gods (Crash Love B-side)
  • Transference (AOD B-side, released on No Time To Kill comp)
  • Values Here (Dag Nasty Cover, Bombing The Bay, 1-track 7″)
  • Whatever I Do (Negative Approach cover, released on Punk Fiction comp)
  • Where We Used To Play (Crash Love B-side)
  • Who Knew (BSITS B-side, found on Black Sails EP)
  • Who Said You Could Touch Me? (VPOY B-side, found on VPOY vinyl, CD test pressing, and Nitro Retrospective)
  • We’ve Got The Knife (Crash Love B-side)

Other Rare .mp3s:

  • The Days of the Phoenix (Radio Edit)
  • Girl’s Not Grey (Acoustic)
  • Silver and Cold (Acoustic)
  • Endlessly, She Said (Acoustic)
  • Miss Murder (Top 40 Radio Edit, all-new bridge)
  • Miss Murder (Broken Spindles Remix)
  • Miss Murder [VNV Nation Remix]
  • Miss Murder (Cover by Kyosuke Himuro, found on Japanese edition of Crash Love)
  • Love Like Winter (Rock Mix)
  • The Leaving Song [Demo Version]
  • Synesthesia [Demo Version]
  • This Celluloid Dream [Demo Version]
  • The Great Disappointment [Demo Version]
  • Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) [Demo Version]
  • But Home Is Nowhere [Demo Version]
  • Bleed Black [Unmastered]
  • Torch Song [Demo Version]
  • Endlessly, She Said (Alternate Ending, posted on Jade’s blog)
  • Head Like A Hole (Unmastered)

Old/New Recordings

Through AFI’s career, especially in the early years, a number of songs were re-recorded. Here is a complete list of those songs, as well as the different releases they appeared on.


  • Dork (1993)
  • Answer That and Stay Fashionable (1995)


  • Dork (1993)
  • Answer That and Stay Fashionable (1995)

“High School Football Hero”:

  • Behind The Times (1993)
  • Answer That and Stay Fashionable (1995)

“Rolling Balls”:

  • Behind The Times (1993)
  • AFI Retrospective (2004)

“Rizzo In A Box”:

  •  Behind The Times (1993)
  • Answer That and Stay Fashionable (1995)

“Cereal Wars”:

  • Behind The Times (1993)
  • Answer That and Stay Fashionable (1995)


  • Very Proud of Ya (1996)
  • Bacteria Sour (1996)

“Theory of Revolution”:

  • Fly In The Ointment (1995)
  • Very Proud of Ya (1996)

“Crop Tub”:

  • Fly In The Ointment (1995)
  • Very Proud of Ya (1996)

“Cruise Control”:

  • Fly In The Ointment (1995)
  • Very Proud of Ya (1996)

“Open Your Eyes”:

  • Fly In The Ointment (1995)
  • Very Proud of Ya (1996)

“Aspirin Free”:

  • AFI/Heckle Split (1995)
  • Very Proud Of Ya (1996)

“Advances In Modern Technology”:

  • AFI/Heckle Split (1995)
  • Very Proud Of Ya (1996)

“Charles Atlas”:

  •  Very Proud of Ya (1996)
  • 10 Years Later Comp (1997)

“Now The World”:

  • 336/Now The World (2002)
  • Sing the Sorrow (2003)

Hidden Tracks

Some AFI albums include hidden tracks and pre-gaps. A hidden track is a song not listed on the album’s official tracklisting. It usually comes right after another song, or after a few minutes of silence. A pre-gap is a song that can be heard by going into minus-time on a CD. Some CD players are not able to play pre-gaps.


Very Proud Of Ya

  • “No Dave Party” is a 1:40 song that features instrumentation from all members of AFI (including extra guitar by Paul Marchand) except Davey. There were supposed to be vocals sung by all members except Davey, but due to time constraints they were never recorded.


  • Extra ringing chimes from Prelude 12/21 lasting approximately 00:20. This pre-gap can be heard at the start of the show in the I Heard A Voice live DVD.

Hidden Tracks:

Answer That and Stay Fashionable

  • “Man In A Suitcase” a cover by The Police. Song length is 2:46. Appears after “High School Football Hero” on the Wingnut version of the CD. Total track length is 24:47.

Black Sails In The Sunset

  • “Midnight Sun” is a 3:04 length song, appearing after several minutes of silence following “God Called In Sick Today” the last track of the album. The song features lines from Dante’s epic “Inferno” and the bridge features poetry from Charles Baudelaire.

The Art of Drowning

  • “Battled” is a 1:03 lengh song, appearing after several minutes of silence following “Morningstar” the last track of the album.

Sing the Sorrow

  • “The Spoken Word” is a 4:10 length spoken poem, appearing after 41 seconds of silence. There are three verses. The first is read by Jade’s nephew Gibson Casian, the second verse by Davey Havok, and the third verse by Hans Wold. Jade wrote the first and third verses, while Davey penned the second.


  • “…And Then I’ll Be Home” is a 1:47 length song, appearing directly after “Affliction” the 7th track on Decemberunderground. It features an acoustic guitar with a vocal sample underneath.

Unreleased Songs

We have seen and heard titles of AFI songs that are in existance but were never released to the world:

  • Stupidest
  • Chair Kicking
  • Suicide Romantic
  • The View From Here
  • Breath Play
  • The Weight of Words
  • You’re Slowly Dying
  • Virgin Holocaust
  • Ultra Noir
  • Beneath the Morning
  • She Doesn’t Speak
  • The Wolf and the Lamb
  • Boys in the Storm

Source: Jade’s last.fm account. It’s unknown whether any of these songs were later renamed to songs we’ve listened to.


Recorded Covers:

  • Open Your Eyes – Answer That and Stay Fashionable – Circus Tents
  • Man In A Suitcase – Answer That and Stay Fashionable – The Police
  • Values Here – Bombing The Bay – Dag Nasty
  • Whatever I Do – Punk Fiction – Negative Approach
  • Today’s Lesson – Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes – Filth
  • Last Caress – Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes – The Misfits
  • The Hanging Garden – A Fire Inside EP – The Cure
  • Demonomania – A Fire Inside EP – The Misfits
  • Halloween – All Hallow’s EP – The Misfits
  • My Michelle – Punk Goes Metal Compilation – Guns N’ Roses
  • Head Like A Hole – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Soundtrack – Nine Inch Nails
  • Don’t Change – Decemberunderground – INXS
  • Jack The Ripper – Decemberunderground – Morrissey

Live Covers:

“The Chicken Song”

“The Chicken Song” is a joke song released on the 1999 compilation “No Time To Kill,” released by Hunter’s label Checkmate Records. “Transference” was also released on the compilation. The lyrics to the song were written on a napkin in a cafe by Jade during a break from recording Black Sails in the Sunset. They were later found and the song was recorded.

“Despite Davey saying they’ll record that ‘tomorrow’ at the end of the song, it was willfully recorded, and that adds to the jokingness of the song. It was NOT recorded secretly or accidentally and then pushed out on a release with no knowledge.” -ixnay

Hear “The Chicken Song” on Youtube.


This mysterious B-side from Sing the Sorrow is one of the most popular AFI songs among fans. From the difficult-to-understand lyrics, to the strange intro on the demo version, to the controversy over its spelling, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.


Synesthesia was released on the UK version of Sing the Sorrow. It took the place of the US version’s “…But Home is Nowhere.”


On the UK version of Sing the Sorrow the 12th track is titled “Synthesthesia.” This is a mistake. The correct title is “Synesthesia.”


Here are the official lyrics to the regular version of Synesthesia as given to us by Davey:

Heartbreak incarnate. I’m nothing if not your memories, your heartbreak, please let me be your joy and your pain. Someday I will be those common words spoken uniquely because I may… will forever be floating as you feel. Please let me haunt as scent on your pillow, letters of past all tear stained and wrinkled. Just say you will for me, invite me to your memory. Just sing again for me that long forgotten song. Someday I will be that waking warmth from a fading dream because I will… I may at best, float as you feel. Let me be all the words echoing comfort. Let me be all the words that you’d unsay.


Along with other Sing the Sorrow demos, the Synesthesia demo was released on the Girl’s Not Grey UK Single CD1, as well as the Girl’s Not Grey German Single. Apart from being a more raw recording, the demo version includes a mysterious intro that lasts for 1:20. A haunting piano can be heard, as well as Davey whispering. Deciphering these whispers has been a challenge, as the demo’s lyrics were never given to us. Here is the generally accepted best guess:

Last night
Last night the moon fainted
Something went wrong, changed me
Something in turn changed me
I cried, I cried in my sleep
The song has the faint grace of angels
Oh, we’re only ourselves

Click here for a Youtube video of the demo.

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