Smith Puget

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  • Renee Flora April 4, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    Just asking…cause you never know…but would you be willing to come to CSU Stanislaus for our Warrior Day to end out our year??? I am graduating and so are many other of our friends, and in 50yrs, this will be the 1st yr that Warrior Day is canceled! They want no drinking problems and the issues that come w/it. I figure if we get a straight edge band like yours to represent fun w/out UR MY FAVORITE BAND…it might just help them get on the ball to reinstating a Warrior Day (which was originally supposed to happen on May 11th). I would hate to miss out on this tradition and think they are canceling bc beer would normally bring in the revenue to pay for big deal concerts. I am just asking because I know you guys to be “REAL” and understanding as a group, and haven’t been jaded by fame! You still know where you came from…and ur not too far away…JUST ASKING!! We have an open forum at 3pm on April 5th, 2012. It would BLOW THEM AWAY if you attended and then said you would do the gig at a good negotiable price bc you believe in their cause!!! Thanks soooo much!! I believe this can happen!

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