Never Been Played

Here is a complete list of songs that have never been played live. Credit goes to Pablo for compiling this information.

Note: There is no evidence of the following songs ever being played live. This means that there is no commentary from fans/band about them being played live and that no audio/video recording of this songs exists.

From Answer That and Stay Fashionable:

  • The Checkered Demon
  • The Mother in Me
  • Kung-Fu Devil
  • Man in The Suitcase

From Very Proud of Ya:

  • No Dave Party
  • Cult Status
  • Soap Box Derby
  • Charles Atlas
  • Take The Test
  • Shatty Fatmas

From Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes:

  • pH Low
  • The New Patron Saints And Angels
  • Three Seconds Notice

From Black Sails in The Sunset:

  • Weathered Tome
  • Lower It

From The Art of Drowning:

  • Initiation
  • Catch a Hot One
  • Battled
  • Dream of Waking

Fom Sing The Sorrow:

  • The Great Disappointment
  • Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings)
  • Reiver’s Music
  • Synesthesia

From Decemberunderground:

  • Affliction
  • Kiss And Control
  • 37mm
  • Don’t Change
  • Fallen Like The Sky
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Head Like a Hole

From Crash Love:

  • Sacrilege
  • Ether
  • Carcinogen Crush
  • Fainting Spells
  • Where We Used To Play
  • We’ve Got The Knife
  • 100 Words
  • Breathing Towers To Heaven
  • Too Late For Gods

From Burials:

  • The Sinking Night
  • No Resurrection
  • Rewind
  • The Embrace
  • Wild
  • Anxious
  • Face Beneath the Waves

From A Fire Inside EP:

  • Demonomania

From Behind The Times:

  • Born in the US of A

From No Time To Kill:

  • The Chicken Song
  • Transference

From Punk Fiction:

  • Whatever I Do

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