Live At The Hard Rock Cafe

On August 20, 2003 AFI played a live show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, Florida. This show was notable for several reasons: “Silver and Cold” made its live debut, the show was videotaped and broadcasted on MTV, and a free 5-song promo CD was released containing live songs from the show.

Download the audio from the Hard Rock show here

5-track Promo

The promo was released in November and given out for free at various stores in late 2003. It contained 5 tracks: Miseria Cantare (Live), The Leaving Song Pt. II (Live), Girl’s Not Grey (Live), Silver And Cold (Live), and Bleed Black (Live). These tracks can be downloaded in our Audio Center. This promo is very common and you should not have to pay more than $10 for it.

MTV Broadcast

Video of the show, including The Days of the Phoenix instead of Bleed Black, was broadcast on MTV in the form of a half-hour show, containing miscellaneous shots of the band exploring the rock and roll memorabilia in the Hard Rock Cafe. The video was captured and can now be found in high quality on Youtube.

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