Jade Puget

Personal Life

Jade Errol Puget (born November 28, 1973 in Santa Rosa, California) is the guitarist for rock band AFI (joined in 1998), and the keyboardist/synthesizer operator for the electronic duo Blaqk Audio. He takes his stepfather’s surname. Puget is a vegetarian, and is straight edge along with Davey Havok, the vocalist of AFI.

Jade has a half-sister- Alishea, a half-brother named Gibson, and a younger brother named Smith. The latter being AFI’s Tour Manager. Gibson appears in the poem in the beginning of This Time Imperfect on the CD Sing The Sorrow. Jade dropped out of school at the age of seventeen, yet still moving on to go to UC Berkeley, where he majored in social theory. After graduating from college, Jade then joined AFI.

He has a various tattoos- an “18″ (which was originally a “13″), a cat jumping through a 9 (a tattoo he shares with Nick 13 of Tiger Army and Davey Havok), and the word “Committed” arched across his stomach. On his arms, he has the words “Boys Don’t Cry” (a homage to The Cure) and the words “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (a Joy Division tribute).

Jade plays a Gibson Les Paul Studio and Mesa Boogie dual rectifier amp heads with Marshall cabs. He used several Les Pauls, a Gibson SG and couple of Fender Telecasters for the recording of Sing the Sorrow. He has said that he doesn’t usually play SGs, but he has been known to play a Gibson SG from time to time.

Music Career

Before joining AFI in 1998, Puget played in various bands, including Loose Change and Redemption 87. His first album with AFI was Black Sails in the Sunset (1999). The first song he wrote for the band was “Malleus Maleficarum”. The band released The Art of Drowning in 2000, Sing the Sorrow in 2003 and Decemberunderground in 2006. AFI won a VMA for best rock video for “Miss Murder” in 2006. Puget is also a member of Blaqk Audio with AFI bandmate Davey Havok. Their debut album, CexCells, was released on August 14, 2007.

Puget remixed Marilyn Manson’s newest single “Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)”, released as an international bonus track from the album Eat Me, Drink Me (2007). He also recently remixed the song Tiger Army’s “Where the Moss Slowly Grows” off the band’s latest album Music From Regions Beyond. The song is only available through purchasing the album on iTunes. He also did some additional production on The Dear & Departed’s debut album Something Quite Peculiar. Additionally, he recently remixed Tokio Hotel’s UK single “Ready, Set, Go” from their first English album, Scream (or Room 483). Also, his remix of The Static Age’s song “Vertigo” (called “Airplanes”) appeared as a bonus track on the band’s album “Neon Nights Electric Lives.” Jade also released some electronic tracks titled “Zenith” and “Pins and Needles”.

Puget prefers the Les Paul Studio (black and white) model and has used a number of different Gibson Les Paul guitars since he joined AFI, along with a few Fender models in recording. Both for live performances and studio recordings. He is also known to be using Gibson SGs occasionally.

Find a list of his remixes below.

Notable Quotes

Interviewer: Aaaand finally, Jade, since you’re named after an ornamental stone used as decoration, do you have any kids?

Jade: Do I have any kids? No, I don’t.
Interviewer: Okay, uhh…would you rather name your first child if you ever have one, “Alabaster” or “Marble” which are two kinds of ornamental stone?

Jade: Yeah, I actually thought about that. I thought if I had a son, I would name him “Salt” but I’d spell it “NaCl.” (At this point, Davey gets up off of his seat, covering his mouth as he is laughing)

Jade: “I’m so f***** on the show tonight. Fudged. Sorry kids, if you curse you’re the worst.”

Jade: “But yeah! It’s exciting to finally have something out even if it’s one song. I know most of you probably already have rips of Stiff Kittens but dig up some change in the cushions of your couch and buy it. If you put the change in the CD tray of your computer and close it, the money goes right to Apple and the song automatically downloads to your desktop.”

Jade: “Davey doesn’t watch the damn road when he’s driving. I’m sure if we crashed, he would be fine and I would be embedded in a tree. If he ever kills me with his driving though, I’m gonna come back as a squirrel and run up his pant leg.”

Jade: “The whole time we were recording, we were trying to get permission from Winona Ryder to use her ‘My whole life is a dark room’ part from Beetlejuice but we never heard from her so we said, ‘Fuck it, we’ll use our own spooky dark-haired girl,’ and called in Davey.”

Jade: “Even when I go see one of my favorite bands, I start to get bored/tired/over it after an hour and a half. If they said, ‘Guess what! We’ll be playing for 2 hours tonight!’, you’d see a Jade-shaped hole in the front door.”

Jade’s Remixes
“Airplanes” – Static Age – Buzznet
“Famous Sweat” – Britney Spears (Hold It Against Me) – Soundcloud
“Freakshow – Wolves At the Gate Remix” – The Cure – iTunes
“Gold and Guns” – Metric – Soundcloud
“Heart Shaped Glasses – Inhuman Remix” – Marilyn Manson – iTunes – Youtube
“Help I’m Alive” – Metric – Soundcloud
“Issues – Wolves At the Gate Remix” – Escape The Fate – iTunes
“Ready Set Go!” – Tokio Hotel – Youtube
“Spark – Whiteout Remix” – Assemblage 23 – Youtube
“We Want Your Blood” – Artist Unknown – Soundcloud
“Where The Moss Slowly Grows” – Tiger Army – Youtube
“Who’s That Chick” – David Guetta ft. Rihanna – Soundcloud
“Troublemaker” – Weezer – Unreleased
“[Unknown]” – VNV Nation – Crossing The Divide – Unreleased

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