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Welcome to the place where you can download all of the large AFI fan-created information databases, such as Alli and Ixnay’s Complete AFI Set List and Tour Guide, or AFI News HQ’s Complete AFI Lyrical Anthology. All work is copyright of their indicated authors and should not be reproduced, duplicated, or reposted without direct permission.

Pablo’s AFI Set Lists 2006-2008

Exclusively for AFI News HQ, the complete AFI set list guide for 2006-2008 is being offered up for download. This is a priceless resource that was very well researched by Pablo and hosted on this site. Please do not redistribute the file if it has been altered in any way.


Complete (up to 2006) AFI Set List and Tour Guide

“This is a highly unique project made by ixnay and Alli for all the AFI fans out there with a thirst for knowledge of their extensive history. We have decided to offer this project differently to the rest of the unique material and features we currently run for the fans.” -a message from ixnay and Alli

Below you will find the download link for The Complete AFI Set List/Tour Guide created by Alli and ixnay. Do NOT edit this document. If you find any imitations, please inform either Alli or ixnay. The PDF is a simple list of HUNDREDS of shows, and plenty of set lists for you to feast your eyes on. This is a historical record for all of you to own.


AFI Complete Lyrics Digitized 

The aim of the Anthology is to provide AFI fans with an all-in-one source for complete and accurate AFI lyrics. The 67-page downloadable anthology contains every song that AFI has ever written and recorded. You may use the document to search for lyrics quickly and easily, find lyrical patterns between songs and albums, or even print the book out and keep it on the coffee table to scare your friends.

However, since this is the first edition, and AFI still has a future, there will also be future editions. Coming in the 2nd Edition will be the complete lyrics to Crash Love as well as any corrections you submit for the 1st Edition. I welcome any corrections you may have. Please send them to


Complete AFI Tour Poster Collection

From Alli and ixnay’s, we bring you The Complete AFI Tour Poster Collection. This document has 40 different tour posters ranging from 1996 to 2004.



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    “All work is copyright of their indicated authors and should be reproduced, duplicated, or reposted without direct permission.”

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