“Do”s and “Don’t”s At An AFI Show

Do’s and Don’ts at an AFI Show

By: Tylor Starr

With AFI’s tour announced and people scambling to get tickets, we bring you the guide to a great AFI show. Will this be your first AFI show? Don’t be scared! We have all of the Do’s and Don’ts of going to an AFI show to ensure you and everyone around you has the best time possible. This comes from all of us at AFINewsHQ and our impressive resume of AFI shows we all hold under our belts.

  • DO get a good night’s sleep the night before. We know all too well that trying to sleep before an AFI show is hard, but not sleeping and trying to have energy at the show is harder. You need to be at 100% the next day so you can sing those “woahs” and “ohs!” as loud as possible.
  • DON’T arrive late! If you want to get a good spot at an AFI show, you have to show up early. Fans sometimes (more often than not) will show up at 7am or sooner just to wait in line to get in front. Sleeping the night before helps with those early morning drives to the venue.
  • DO talk to other fans in the line and make friends! Sharing experiences and stories about your love of AFI is probably one of our favorite parts of the whole experience. You can learn a lot about a person by asking what their favorite album, song, or lyric is and why? Don’t forget to share your own stories, too!
  • DON’T forget to bring food and water for the day! If you plan on waiting in line all day, you will need something to keep you energized and hydrated. Be sure to bring energizing foods like nuts and legumes. You will also want to drink plenty of water before and during the show. You will be losing a lot of liquid from sweating when you are rockin’ out!
  • DO find the perfect spot in the crowd for you. Are you laid back and like to relax while watching the show? Then a good spot for you may be in the back or on the sides of the audience. Do you like to be up-close and personal with the guys? Then in front and up against the barricade may be the best place for you. Do you want to dance, jump, and mosh to a little old skool AFI? Then in the middle is where you will find like minded punx like you.
  • DON’T break the rules the venue has. You want to leave and have the venue staff think “wow, those Despair Factions kids were awesome!” Being respectful to the venue helps not only us, but also the band. If the band’s fans are well behaved, the better chance the band has of being welcomed back to the venue. Also pay attention to what venue staff are saying, since breaking venue rules can get you ejected from the show.
  • DO enjoy and move around during the opening bands. Even if you have never heard of Touche Amore or Coming, doesn’t mean you have to stand still and look like a zombie. Feel free to move a little and listen to them, you may even end up liking them if you don’t already.
  • DON’T crowd surf. We know this sounds strange since you will be at a concert, but the band strongly dislikes crowd surfing. Plus, nobody likes having to make sure somebody doesn’t drop on their head while watching their favorite band. Check out this clip below about the band’s view on crowd surfing from our friends at AFI Latino.

  • DO help your fellow DFer. If the person next to you falls, or seems as though they are going to pass out, help them out! We are a family joined together by one thing: a love for A Fire Inside. Family members help each other.
  • DON’T take pictures or record the show the entire time. Our age group needs to learn to put down the cameras and experience what is happening right in front of you, rather than trying to snap a crappy picture just to show to a friend later. This is annoying to the people behind you and even more annoying to the boys. How would you feel trying to perform and showcase your art (that you pour everything into) to a sea of cameras? Put the cameras down. Check out Davey’s thoughts in this interview with Carson Daly here.
  • DON’T overwhelm the band with gifts. While the band appreciates gifts, so many fans bring gifts that it is often impractical to carry around each of them. Food gifts, although appreciated, can also be overwhelming as each of the band members can only eat so much food. Small gifts are ok, but letting the band know they are appreciated in other ways is good too!
  • DON’T assault the bandmembers in any way if they go into the crowd during the show, or before/after the show.
  • DO have fun and live every second of the show. This will likely be the highlight of your year, if this band means anything to you like it does to all of us. You are going to experience a sense of unity you have never felt before—enjoy it. Through our bleeding, we are one.


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