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Upset Magazine Feature AFI

The latest issue of Upset Magazine reportedly includes a new interview with Davey. The magazine is free and only available in the UK. The new issue will be available from Wednesday 1/18.

Stereogum Reviews Get Hurt

In the wake of yet another new song premiere, Stereogum have given their take on the tracks released so far, and on ‘Get Hurt’ in particular. Read what they had to say below:

“Get Hurt leans toward Rush-ian arena prog, especially in frontman Davey Havok’s nasally timbre, and REALLY especially when the vocal harmonies come in. It’s great. The whole album is great.”

Read the full review here.

Know Nothing Podcast Covers AFI

The Know Nothing Podcast features the discussion of topics that guests have never been introduced to before, and makes for an interesting discussion based on initial reactions. The latest episode of the podcast covered AFI, their mainstream success as well as a discussion about our (other) favorite podcast, A Fire Inside Out.

Listen to their AFI episode here.