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Burials is the ninth studio album by the American rock band AFI. It was released on October 22, 2013 through Republic Records.

In a statement regarding the album, AFI frontman Davey Havok said, “This record is of silence, and the burials that result from that silence. It’s of betrayal, cruelty, weakness, anxiety, panic – deep and slow – despair, injury and loss. And in this it is shamefully honest and resolutely unforgiving”.

In contrast to previous releases from AFI, lead singer Davey Havok described Burials as being “very layered and very rich”, adding that it was “far, far less straightforward than what we did on the last record, which – much like every record we create – was the result of a natural growth, a natural indication of where we are as songwriters now”.

In anticipation of the release of Burials, AFI released the singles I Hope You Suffer on July 22, 2013 and “17 Crimes” on August 6, 2013. “17 Crimes” was made available for streaming on the day preceding its release on the iTunes Store. A new song from the album, “A Deep Slow Panic”, was made available for streaming on the website for Spin, along with a new interview of the band on October 10, 2013.

Track Listing:

1. “The Sinking Night”
2. “I Hope You Suffer”
3. “A Deep Slow Panic”
4. “No Resurrection”
5. “17 Crimes” 2:57
6. “The Conductor”
7. “Heart Stops”
8. “Rewind”
9. “The Embrace”
10. “Wild”
11. “Greater than 84″
12. “Anxious”
13. “The Face Beneath the Waves”


Band Members:

  • Davey Havok – Vocals
  • Adam Carson – Drums
  • Hunter Burgan – Bass
  • Jade Puget – Guitar

Recording and Post-Production

  • Produced by Gil Norton
  • Engineered by Dan Austin
  • Mixed by Andrew Scheps
  • Assistant Mixer: Justin Hergett
  • Mastered By: Stephen Marcussen

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