I’m baaack!

Hi guys! I am excited to say I am back on the HQ staff after a few years of absence. My name is Mary and I used to be an admin on here and then went on to create BrightBlackHeaven.com. I am now back here as a writer to bring you the most up-to-date AFI news as we await the new album.

I reside in Chicago and I am a rising senior in college studying Media Communications and Sociology. In my free time, I enjoy going to concerts, eating vegan food, and playing with my two dogs.

I look forward to working with the other HQ staff members and can’t wait until September!

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3 Responses to I’m baaack!

  1. Jose Mata says:

    Woo! Sending love from the Chi-town! Welcome back!

  2. Ruth says:

    Welcome back Mary!

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