AFI Posts New Instagram Photo, Caption “No Harbingers”

AFI has posted a new photo to their Instagram page, this time featuring the silhouette of a person within a larger symbol. The symbol follows the first symbol posted to Instagram last week, which was captioned “Convergence” and was followed by a video of the same title.

The photo appears with the caption “No Harbingers.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 6.05.18 PM

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5 Responses to AFI Posts New Instagram Photo, Caption “No Harbingers”

  1. Gaz Baker says:

    New video coming soon! Can’t wait!!

  2. this matches the original post of videos where there was 8 cyrillic symbols. I gather that if so far from left to right, the order has been consistent thus far and that they each correspond with a video, that there are a total of 8 videos and each one could relate to its specific symbol somehow. Maybe the key is in deciphering what each of the symbols will stand for and correlate them together. Maybe a story, maybe a theme. the next one should be the funky lookin’ ‘K’.

    1. AFI
    2. Convergence
    3. No Harbingers
    4. ??

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