Second Video “Convergence” Posted!

AFI has posted a second video on their website, following the first video they posted on April 17. It turns out that the photo they Instagramed yesterday is partially a still from this video.

The video includes several different clips, including a woman, a hooded figure, and what might be a sphere eclipsing a light source. There is also an alarm at 55 seconds in that could be from an aircraft or similar machine. What do you think?

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12 Responses to Second Video “Convergence” Posted!

  1. I’m getting Sing The Sorrow feeling from those 2 videos. It really looks like the new album will be darker and harder which is awesome.

  2. What I hear from the numbers:

    6 9 ? 2 0 8
    9 0 3 1 4
    8 2 7 5 6
    9 8 5 1 6
    5 0 9

  3. codayne90 says:

    I’m sure the numbers have some importance, maybe they correlate to letters or something and it’s a web address like in the previous mystery. Either way i’m excited for this album. It’s been a long time coming.

  4. Gaz Baker says:

    too long for latitude and longitude I think…

    Anyone tried assigning them to alphabet? I would but I’m at work

  5. they carved a 9 into the earth and then laid pieces of what seems to be wood over the carving.

    i wonder if the ring being held up to the leaves and the trees is a nod to STS.

  6. Danny says:

    If you time both videos right the first image of cloaked figure shows right when Davey says “to point to where I’m hiding”. They both match up again during the first image of the “eclipse” and when Davey says “this gaping hole”

  7. Andre Kluyts says:

    It seems that there will be a solar eclipse (“ring of fire”) around 9/10 May 2013.

    Perhaps the video made reference to that eclipse (among other things). Or perhaps its just an interesting coincidence? :)

  8. None of the previous mysteries have hinted any album info… why wasting time? Just sit tight there and wait until the album is released.

  9. I presume the ‘9’ carved into the ground is a reference to the fact that this is their ninth record.

  10. idk umm maybe if u used a cellphone keypad it might tell you what it means… theres no duble/teen numbers, all singles.. use our phones key pad as a decoder

  11. Gaz Baker says:

    9 Could also refer to September… Just thinking…

    It’s just, urgh… Annoying.

  12. I think it’s just foreshadowing the content of what VERY likely is an upcoming album.. that they probably just began or are about to.

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