{UPDATED} Matt Skiba And The Sekrets Release Artwork and Tracklist For New Album Babylon

{Updated March 09} You can now listen to the song “All Fall Down” off the new album here. The album “Babylon” is set to released May 8th. Here is also a few key notes from the Spinner interview in which the track was first publicly presented.

Did you go into this project looking to recruit this band, or did it start more organically?

“I had the songs written so I did recruit people to play. Jarrod and I have become really good friends because of this project. Before this we had never met. He was recommended to me by a mutual friend/musician. I’ve been friends with Hunter for years and a big fan of his playing so thankfully he came down and did it. I’ve just recruited two guitar players who are really good friends and rippers. We gonna party.”

What touring plans do you have? Will you be playing only songs from this project?

“We are talking late-May in select cities in the U.S. After that, we’ll see …”

Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio’s new side project (Matt Skiba And The Sekrets) featuring Hunter Burgan on bass has released the track list and album art for their new album “Babylon”. The album is due May 8th through Superball Music. Check out the tracklist below.

01. Voices
02. All Fall Down
03. Luciferian Blues
04. Haven’t You?
05. The End Of Joy
06. You
07. Olivia
08. Falling Like Rain
09. How The Hell Did We Get Here?
10. Angel Of Deaf

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  • Jimmy March 4, 2012 at 1:06 am

    Personally I am pumped. Skiba and Hunter in the same band should be pretty fuckin sweet. Skiba never really disappoints either

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